iPads For Educators Events

Over 2,050 staff have picked up their iPads and received training during iPads for Educators Events this summer!

Training materials are still available.

Additional handout and training sessions on September 16.

Personalized Learning is an instructional strategy that tailors teaching and learning to Saint Paul Public School's diverse student body.

iPads for all students and teachers: From late Oct. 2014 to Feb. 2015, students and teachers at more than half of our schools will start receiving iPads to accelerate learning inside and outside of the classroom; in 2015-16, all other students and teachers will be assigned iPads to support their learning. This is an exciting opportunity to push student learning like never before--from video projects on iPads to interactive art displays at a local coffee shop, our students are experiencing the future of education, today.

The focus continues to be on personalization:Through Personalized Learning, students will have multiple ways to access information, think critically and demonstrate what they’ve learned.The essentials of personalized learning (pdf) include tailoring instruction, student voice and choice, and engagement in a technology-rich environment.

Professional Development: The Office of Personalized Learning provides professional development for teachers on classroom best practices on iPads and other technologies to enrich student learning on an ongoing basis.

1:1 Learning Infused with Technology


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Our first Tech HOOPLA (Hands On Office of Personalized Learning Academy) will be offered on August 14 and again on the 18th! Sign up in PDExpress to attend a day of great sessions showcasing engaging ways to use a variety of technology devices and resources in the classroom.


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